How do Emotional Footprints directly impact our thoughts and emotional health?

The fact that our thoughts and perspectives directly impact our overall emotional health is not new. People understand this deeply. How people would love to be able to shut down their minds at will or be able to stop thinking just for a moment to give themselves some peace and relaxation? 

Our thoughts have the ability to lead us down emotionally painful roads and also have the ability to uplift us to elevated elated states of awareness. Because of this, people spend much of their time focusing on what they are thinking. They try to stay positive or keep their thoughts on track so to speak. This unconsciously creates stress and strain over negative thought patterns they may be having, making the situation worse than what it was in the first place. It’s a compounding effect that can creep up out of nowhere. 

Why is it so difficult to have positive thoughts is some moments and quite the opposite in other moments? Also, why are we so trained at times to judge, ridicule or stress about what thoughts we are having or have had? The answer is that we are being influenced by our subconscious Emotional Footprint programs. Their presence in our bodies cause us to think in a very specific way that is completely counter-intuitive to what we want to be thinking. 

The way that this happens is that the Emotional Footprint program lodges itself somewhere in the body and begins to vibrate at a specific frequency. That frequency affects us in many ways. For one, until the Emotional Footprint is released from the subconscious, that area of the body will be slightly weaker, more vulnerable and more susceptible to pain and suffering from many different faucets. In actuality, the whole body is disrupted by the frequency emanating from that Emotional Footprint and the body's frequency as a whole changes to match the disturbance. 

Another way that this frequency affects us is that it directly impacts the way that we think. Just think about how easy it can be for your mind to get frustrated or distracted from what you want to be focusing on because of an annoying external circumstance. In a way, the frequency emanating from the Emotional Footprint is an external circumstance. It’s not a natural way of being. It was created by the subconscious intentionally to grab your attention, to take you away from what you are currently doing and bring you into the past. This can cause confusion, frustration, annoyance and judgment just to name a few.

It wants to alter your thought patterns to match a particular thought process that occurred in the past during a specific traumatic experience.  Whenever our current beliefs are threatened by a particular experience, our conscious mind can be too afraid to surrender and trust into this new truth that is presenting. This causes an immediate conflict in the subconscious mind. We are being challenged to accept a new truth over an old false belief in the current moment but are too afraid to commit and make the switch. So, the subconscious creates an Emotional Footprint program to eventually aid us to the truth.

False beliefs can be harmful in the long run and the subconscious knows this. So, it attempts to put your present day thought patterns in as close proximity to the original past thoughts that you experienced when your false beliefs were threatened.  When your thoughts are in the same environment as they were in the original experience you have the opportunity to face your fears once again and commit to a new uplifting belief. The problem is that in order to do this we must surrender and trust that this new belief is what we want to take on.

Trust and surrender is at the core of every person's decision making and most people have trouble taking that leap of faith. They need proof or experience first. This is why the Emotional Footprint program keeps repeating the same issue over and over again. To give more experience and proof through repetition that the new belief is more accurate than the previous one. Eventually, after repeating the same unwanted experience and feeling the same unwanted emotions, you build a tolerance to the felt emotions and then slowly you begin to see the real, bigger picture. You begin to see that the belief(s) that you couldn’t accept in the original moment isn’t actually that bad and you’re now willing to consciously change your beliefs. 

This only happens when the experience and proof is undeniable which can take a very long time to the unpresent mind. Another problem that can drag on the organic natural release of an Emotion Footprint is that once an Emotional Footprint is created, consciously choosing to change your beliefs isn’t enough. Your subconscious mind will only allow the program to be gone when the subconscious is satisfied with your level of understanding of the situation. 

If you fully believe this new belief at your core then the subconscious will release the Emotional Footprint but, that is easier said than done. Unfortunately, the only way to truly release an Emotional Footprint without a tool such as the Biko Method, is to continually repeat similar emotional discomforting experiences and gain the wisdom that develops naturally through that process. That wisdom will eventually free you from Emotional Footprints. 

However, that process can take years if not decades even for the conscious individual that focuses on personal development. 

As stated earlier the subconscious mind is always chiseling away at your thoughts. The more Emotional Footprints you have the more weighted your thoughts will feel on a continual basis. It is proven that the average person experiences 70% negative thoughts when they allow their mind to wander. Now you now why.

On a positive note, the more Emotional Footprints you release, the more positive your thoughts become naturally. The main reason that you experience negative thought patterns is due to the presence of the Emotional Footprint program. So, when that program is gone, so is it’s negative effect on your thoughts. Thinking positively becomes a natural way of life and no effort to think positively is needed. It just happens. That is your natural state.

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