How To Let Go Of The Past

Many people believe that letting go is only about looking forward to the future and forgetting about what happened. They’re also afraid that if they let go, that they are doing something wrong. For example, they’re not learning their lessons, or it may be too soon to let go for ‘a good person’, as most are always wanting to be good people in the eyes of themselves and others.

The important thing to understand is that whatever happened is shaping you to be a better person. What is meant by that statement is that our past and the act of letting go builds specific qualities that in turn help you to enjoy your life more, being more than you were before.

Unexpected Positive Change

Experience in these matters brings about tremendous new awareness that wasn’t there before. Letting go allows you to see things from the bigger picture which breads peace in future experiences. It also teaches you to be gentle with yourself and strengthens the relationships that you have with others.

In order to move on, you need to complete that which you were doing. When you can come to terms with what happened and can accept that it’s done and over, it allows you to move forward with power, and a strength that wasn’t there before. You receive closure, which is very important for clarity and direction.

The Past Shapes The Future

This experience is giving you wisdom, so try to look for the silver lining. We grow from our experiences. Even more so if we can adopt the right perspective.

Accept that it happened and know that you don’t have to heal today, but you will indeed heal. This experience is paving forward your future on your behalf, and that is ok. In time, you will be better and there’s nothing that you need to do about it. Let it happen. You will learn everything that you need to as you heal.

Memories and emotions will come up periodically and instead of judging them or thinking that you’re going backwards, understand that these emotions and memories are helping you to create a present where you have more awareness of things, where you value things differently. Your present experience is becoming more rich.

Our memories allow us to build and strengthen our foundation. We already know what we did and how we handled whatever it is that we’re letting go of. We now have the opportunity to use that to build upon. There’s only one direction we’re all going in, might as well use our life to propel us forward.

It also helps to remove any subconscious Emotional Footprint programs that are associated with the experience. These programs are at the core of our experience and dictate our mental health, our relationships with others and with ourselves and are also responsible for any emotional pain or suffering that we may be going through. To learn more about Emotional Footprints and how they control your life, you can download a free book about these subconscious programs here.

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