How To Let Go Of Someone Or Something You Love

In many cases, people understand the value of letting go and understand that it is important for them to do so, when moving on. However, subconsciously they might believe that they will be crippled in some way if they let go of a particular thing or person. The reason why they believe this is because their core beliefs of themselves get challenged.

Conflicting beliefs

What if they are happy without this person or thing? That could mean that they never really cared about them. This, most likely is not true however, subconsciously that's the story running in the background. Just because you're moving on, it doesn't mean that you never cared deeply. People have a conditioning that causes them to punish themselves in order to be happy. It's like they need to deserve happiness, it's not a right at birth. Consciously, this makes sense, but subconsciously not so much.


Another common subconscious fear that people have is that they're afraid that they're bad people. So, if they were to let go of someone close to them, then this would prove that it's true, they are bad people. They don't allow themselves to move on until they have subconsciously punished themselves long enough to deserve to be happy. As if punishment is a prerequisite for happiness. 


People treat themselves as if they are always guilty until proven innocent. So what needs to happen is a shift of perspective. Try to remember that if something needs to be let go off, it has nothing to do with your beliefs of yourself. Make a conscious intention to be happy with your choice to let go, as you know that letting go is what needs to happen in order for you to move on. 


Show that you trust yourself by deciding to be happy with the fact that you are free from self punishment when you're doing the right thing. Since it’s the right thing to do, be happy with your decision. It's literally the only decision that deserves happiness... if that's your belief system. Every other choice would make you unhappy due to cause and effect.



It also helps to remove any subconscious Emotional Footprint programs that are associated with the experience. These programs are at the core of our experience and dictate our mental health, our relationships with others and with ourselves and are also responsible for any emotional pain or suffering that we may be going through. To learn more about Emotional Footprints and how they control your life, you can download a free book about these subconscious programs here.

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