The Program Within the Process - Why the Biko Method Works

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Emotional Relief: On Demand

The Biko Method is designed to deliver immediate emotional relief in any situation, wherever you are, in as little as five minutes. Take the Guided Audio with you on a CD or on your mobile device, or print and bring the statements with you, and you can quickly and effectively clear any emotion with ease.

You can use this process at a quiet place at work, in your car, on a bench in the park, or any place really — as long as it is quiet and peaceful. The process itself is simple and straightforward and can be used by anyone in any age group. You can do it for your kids or teach them to do it themselves.

By releasing Emotional Footprints, you consciously address any situation or circumstance with confidence. Quickly dispel doubt or confusion when making important decisions and diffuse complex emotions when attempting to communicate or address any important situation.