Not happy with how long it takes to break through emotional and psychological limitations using traditional cognitive therapy?

Do you need to tackle stubborn fears or insecurities to excel at your career... and are not willing to wait years to make it happen?

Introducing… A revolutionary approach to traditional cognitive therapy. One that is more efficient, costs less money and gets the job done immediately!

The Biko Method Essentials Course

No more waiting  years or even a decade to see results in yourself. Progress happens immediately!

Use the Biko Method at home to address deep seeded trauma or in your career to break through all emotional or psychological limitations!

Therapy and Business Coaching Made Easier With The Biko Method

Learn the Secret to achieving immediate results using the Biko Method and PAY ONLY a Fraction of the Cost that you would pay through traditional therapy or business coaching!

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The Biko Method Essentials Course

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Why does therapy and business coaching take so long and cost so much money?

The answer to this question is simple, time is money and paying for someone else’s time during a long discovery or healing process can get expensive. So, the next obvious question is...

Why does it take so long to change yourself for the better? Is there a faster way?

In short, the answer is YES! There is definitely a faster way and let me show you what that is, why it works and how you can benefit from it right away! 

The reason why traditional cognitive therapy and business coaching take as long as they do is because during the entire time that you are being coached or talked to about your problems, your subconscious is the one running the show.

Real change only occurs when one thing happens...when the subconscious mind decides to let go of the underlying program!

Only then is when real tangible results are experienced within yourself and in your life.

It doesn’t matter how good your coach or therapist is...

As long as you are dependent on your subconscious letting go of your outdated programming, you are at its mercy and are not able to fully apply any of the information that you are receiving.

This problem forces you to commit your time and money to a  particular coach or therapist... forcing you to rely on your will, commitment and complete follow through to reach your goals...and still it’s very likely to not see any immediate results until at least a few months. Many times it can take years and even up to a decade.

The subconscious uses a sophisticated program called the “Emotional Footprint” to keep you locked into pain long enough to eventually break free and evolve”’s kind of like the analogy, you can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg.

Once the Emotional Footprint program is gone, your life changes immediately. All of your hard work and effort kicks in and is rewarded right away and permanently. The only problem is that it takes time and a lot of intent and effort on your part.

This is how we grow. It's how we evolve.

Everybody is the same in this way… no exceptions. can totally be done faster with the right tool!


The right tool makes the process shorter and less expensive and with less effort… or why would you even consider using it?


The Biko Method Essentials Course

  • Focuses on the only subconscious program that stumps your efforts… the Emotional Footprint.
  • Change happens waiting or having to revisit that same issue.
  • The Biko Method easily condenses the transformation of 10 therapy or coaching sessions into just one...and in the comfort of your own home! 

You Will Become Your Own Personal Guru and Save Time and Money!

  • Believe that it can be done….because it totally can.
  • Know that you are your own coach or therapist… and you can help yourself more than anyone else.
  •  Everything that you need to understand yourself deeply is at your fingertips through this course.
  • Achieve peace, clarity, focus, balance and sheer inner strength.
  • Trust that you are here because you are ready to change....and faster than ever before.
  • See how easy it is to change for the better when you remove the underlying Emotional Footprint programs.
  • Using this technique will elevate your own inner wisdom… that you can then apply to life and in all your relationships.
  •  Not knowing how to manage emotions... stumps progress”...take control and navigate your life with a clear perspective.
  • Imagine having the power to break through your own barriers and not feel dependent on outside help.
How much money could you save on therapy or business coaching if you could do it yourself...and a lot faster?

Most therapy or coaching sessions start at $150/hr and go all the way up to $ 750/hr ...depending on who’s coaching you.

Now multiply that by once a week, or once every two weeks for one year...because that's how long you have to work with someone to achieve real progress.  And that's just where the progress starts...most people see their therapist or coach for 2 to 3 years before they are fully satisfied with the results. 

The cost of seeing a coach or therapist for one year, once a week on the low end is $7800 and $39k on the high end. Now that’s a lot of money...and like I just said, that’s only where real lasting progress begins to show itself.

And remember that the only reason why change takes so long isn’t because you have a bad coach or person helping you, it’s because your subconscious is waiting until it decides to remove your outdated programming. When that happens... yes, you become a new person and your goals are more attainable than ever before. You don't have the emotional and psychological block that was once there... making life a lot easier. Don't get me wrong...therapy and coaching are fantastic and a great way to unlock your potential and abilities. I am simply suggesting that with the right tool you can learn to do it yourself and faster….and save a few bucks along the way.

Use the Biko Method to unlock your true potential and become unstoppable

...if you can experience emotion, then you can experience growth and evolution!

The only difference between traditional cognitive therapy and business coaching when compared to the Biko Method is that the Biko Method focuses specifically on the underlying subconscious program...allowing change to happen immediately….that’s it!

It’s an alternative approach that allows change to happen right away instead of months, years or decades.

I've been working with people for over a decade now and every single person was able to experience the removal of their Emotional Footprint programs through this method. Not one person didn't have that experience … Not one!

You can learn how to do this yourself and break through your own barriers in the comfort of your own home… break through anxiety, fear and every single emotional and psychological barrier that you could think of. Any reason why you would need to see a coach or a therapist, you can do it yourself and save yourself so much money.

This is not a gimmick or an exaggeration...

In fact, if you don't have the experience of removing your Emotional Footprint programs and see a difference yourself...

I'll give you your money back.

I’m not interested in giving you a product that doesn’t work for you. If there is no value here for you, then there is no value for me here either from you.

I think it’s fair. I’m not looking to take your money and give you something that doesn’t work. 
Give it a chance and see first hand how powerful this course can be for you and if you still want your money back, just let me know and I will honor your decision.

The Biko Method Essentials Course

What's inside?

110+ Page Biko Method Manual

  • Learn everything you need to know about the Biko Method...
  • About your emotions, feelings and beliefs...and what they all have to do with one another...and your life!
  • What is an Emotional Footprint? Seriously?’s the single, most influential aspect that has ever impacted your life... regardless of where you are and what you’ve done! Learn all about this crucial program and see what I mean…
  • Discover how to use the Biko Method to bring you into a peaceful state through a brief session with yourself and have lasting results!
  • Learn how to break through all emotional and psychological barriers without having to revisit the issue!

12 Unique Interactive Exercises and 9 Informative Videos designed to…

  • Help you acknowledge and separate the difference between an emotion and a feeling...and why that’s important!
  • Learn how your breathing affects your state of awareness and how to use it to your advantage to maintain optimal states.
  • Discover the importance of identifying your false beliefs. Our experience is governed by what we, it makes sense to start at the core and work our way out!
  • Recognize harmful patterns and learn how to stop them through removing their Emotional Footprint program.
  • Discover how to categorize your experiences into convenient applicable structures that aid you in releasing your subconscious programming. 
  • Track your Emotional Footprints through a daily entry and get back to them when you want to transform your life! a journal entry but more powerful!
  • Learning about yourself has never been easier and so much fun!

Guided Audio with Me!

  • A guided walk-through of the entire Biko Method process from start to finish.
  • I’m with you the entire way if need be...or do the Biko Method on your own as you discover your inner wisdom.

Course Workbook & Outline

  • Downloadable for your convenience

THREE Reference Sheets

  • Keep what you need for the Biko Method close and accessible and take guessing out of the game!

Stay on track through the Course Calendar

  • Allocate your time in advance and be ready for each week's won’t want to miss a minute of it!

Bonus - Optimal Thinking Hypnotherapy Track!

  • Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes. Enjoy this journey into your subconscious and see how your mood and thoughts become light and positive throughout your day...


  • Coaching/Therapy takes time
  • Coaching/Therapy costs a lot of money
  • The secret is "understanding what the subconscious is doing during the entire time you are being coached or getting therapy". That is the only thing that is in your way.
  • The Biko Method works directly with the subconscious to give immediate results
  • Time is no longer an issue and either is money
  • The Biko Method Essentials Course costs you only a fraction of what you would pay to get professional help and become your own guru. 
  • Use this method anytime you need emotional support or need to break through a barrier or limitation that’s been affecting you your entire life.

I've toured the world and discovered many of the methods in which people have successfully dealt with growth and transformation. And pricing the product to justify the cost it's taken me to develop this method is counter intuitive to the entire Biko Institute's purpose. 

That's why today I'm happy to say that the price of this course has been reduced not to drive sales, but to be more genuinely accessible to more people. The discounted price is specifically to make sure that anyone can get access to this incredibly powerful life long gift.

May it be as transformative for you as it was for me!

Konstantine Bisbikos

Founder of The Biko Emotional Wellness Centre

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The Biko Method Essentials Course

Best Market Value: $1249

Mental Health Program

Biko Method Essentials Course

The 5-step program for releasing unwanted emotions, fears & patterns.

THE COMPLETE PACKAGE - Self Guided Technique For
Mental And Emotional Healing

Speed Track Your Growth And Save Time And Money

The Biko Method Essentials Course is the all-inclusive package for achieving a higher state of being permanently. Become your own personal therapist, guru, business coach and support system with this proven method to clear the only thing that causes traditional therapy and personal coaching to take so long - The subconscious Emotional Footprint Program!
Video & Audio
110+ Page

What can you do to alleviate the pain you feel from your own emotions?

Most people work against their subconscious. Never taking the time to understand what is going on behind the scenes. This isn't anybody's fault. The subconscious didn't come with a manual and most people are too busy making a living to devote their time in such a way.

We're all looking for the support we need, when we need it most.

The Biko Method Essentials Course has been designed from the ground up to be effective, personal, and most importantly; accessible from anywhere. We've designed the entire program to be leveraged when we need it most, and that can be at any time, anywhere. On Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, or even print out the contents to enjoy offline.

A highly personal, tailored experience to bring maximum comfort.

Work alongside Biko Institutes founding member, Konstantine Bisbikos as he walks you through the content, the discovery and the healing processes including inside this course.

The Essentials Course breaks through paradigms and bring you to a greater understanding of self

What if you understood why you feel the way that you do from a higher perspective? One that your subconscious uses to trigger certain emotions and feelings. Your emotional landscape is not an accident. It's intentional. Your subconscious knows exactly what it's doing at all times.

Most people work against their subconscious. Never taking the time to understand what is going on behind the scenes. This isn't anybody's fault. The subconscious didn't come with a manual and most people are too busy making a living to devote their time in such a way.

4 Hours of Video Content

Instructor led, high quality, educational videos accompany nearly every module to help you learn directly from the creator for you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Over 12 Tailored Exercises

We've assembled over 10 innovative exercises that you can use whenever you want to help you process Emotional Footprints, and dealing with Rogue Emotions.

Online or Offline Learning Friendly

One purchase gives you access to the full Biko Method Essentials Kit online to read and follow on desktop or mobile, as well as a downloadable Ebook for offline learning.

Who is this for

For those of us who feel that as though they are living an emotionally turbulent life.

This program is for those of us searching for a better understanding of how we process out emotions. To learn about our Emotional Footprint program and to understand, identity and mitigate Rogue Emotions.

Self-Help Processes for Reducing Pain
Relieving Stress
12+ Meditative Activities
Learning How To Remain Calm and Collected

Biko Method Essentials Course

The Biko Method Essentials Course is the complete package. Bringing together years of practical experience, in-depth research and development on leading mental health and emotional wellbeing self-help resources and methodologies.

If you are looking for all inclusive package to understand Emotional Footprints and healing from emotional instability, then this is for you.

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What's Inside

100+ Page Biko Method Manual
12+ Interactive Exercises
6 Informative Videos
Course Workbook & Outline
Hypnosis Track Guided Audio
Bonus Audio & Video Content
From The Author

We all need some guidance every once in a while.

I create the The Biko Method Essentials Course as an all inclusive guide to the Biko Method Tool that I spent years developing as a self-help tool and process in which anyone, from anywhere on earth could use, to alleviating the pain associated with our Emotional Footprint Programs.

Emotional Health and Well-Being

I've lived my entire life pursuing the truth behind our mental health and well-being, I've explored both the scientific and spiritual approaches to finding peace within myself. I've traveled the world searching for answers to the questions that I asked myself on a daily basis, why do I feel such pain, why to I react with such abnormality, why do I find myself falling into negative patterns?

Through my search I discovered the Emotional Footprint Program. An internal system that touches upon nearly every aspect of our lives and brings our attention to the raw, unprocessed emotions within ourselves driven by our false beliefs.

The Outcome I've Created

I took everything that I've learnt through my search to discover how our conscious and subconscious minds operate and use memory to push forward emotional reactions, and packaged it into the Biko Method Essentials Course. It is designed to give you everything that you need to work on your Emotional Footprint Programs, alleviate the pain that resides there, and navigate the Rogue Emotions our minds serve us on a regular basis.

The Biko Method Essentials Course dives straight into the research, the knowledge, the experiences and the tools that I've created in order to help the ones that I love. I trust and rely on the Biko Method with the people that I work with on a daily basis. It is always be there for them to alleviate their emotional pain, give them new perspectives, acknowledge their limiting beliefs and so much more!

Konstantine Bisbikos

Founder of the Biko Emotional Wellness Centre and creator of the Biko Method. Konstantine is a mental health practitioner focused on delivering guidance for healing the body, mind, and soul.

Meet The Author