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Learn about the Emotional Footprint program how the Biko Method has been designed to help you heal from the pain of uncontrolled Rogue Emotions.

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Take your personal health journey into your own hands and reach out to a Biko Method practitioner for a one-on-one conversation and get the help you've been searching for.

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Jump right into the healing process by following the steps of the 6 Modules of the Biko Method Essentials Kit

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Interested in speaking directly to a Biko Institute practitioner about anything in particular? Reach out to us directly at anytime via email. If you'd like to book a formal one-on-one session to go into detail about an issue you are dealing with, then book a session today.

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Download the full course on to your own computer in order to work through it offline at any time. Note the folder size is large, so only do this if you'd prefer or cannot use this online version to gain access to the course.

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Biko Method Essential Kit Workbook

Module 1 - Understanding Our Programming

Module 2 - Getting In Touch With Your Feelings

Module 3 - What is an Emotional Footprint

Module 4 - The Discovery Phase

Module 5 - The Biko Method