New Approach To Cognitive Therapy

A revolutionary method that has changed the way we look at emotional and psychological trauma, personal development and inner growth. One that can be used to break through years of old conditioning and behaviors. This can be applied in the workplace as well as at home to improve mental health and stability. 

The Biko Method is the one thing that can change how you view your inner and outer reality, starting with how you experience your emotions, the world around you and the relationships that bring you joy.

It has never been easier to propel forward in everything that you do and with the least amount of effort!

What is the Biko Method?

The Biko Method is a process that’s been developed to help individuals suffering from mental and emotional instability, work through their own personalized process of releasing their Emotional Footprints and give them lasting relief. Thus, allowing them to fully heal as well as help them to understand and process their Rogue emotions, clearing the space that they lock up in the subconscious mind. The intention behind this process is to connect with the subconscious mind, locate the program that was created and then release it through a series of precise statements.

Focus and Isolate

The process is designed to identify Rogue Emotions, locate their associated Emotional Footprints and isolate them through the discovery phase.

The Discovery

Through utilizing the connection between yourself and your subconscious, this method helps you to acknowledge and understand your feelings and emotions.

The Change

The Biko Method allows you to create a safe space within yourself that you can always count on. This allows the connection with your subconscious and conscious mind to strengthen over time.

What does the Biko Method do?

The Biko Method is specifically designed to release/satisfy all limiting emotional and psychological programming that we may have unintentionally created in our subconscious. The end result is a clean emotional landscape. Free of any emotional setbacks that keep us from moving forward in every area of our lives.

What would your life be like if you could remove all of your emotional pain and suffering and from any experience? The end result would be a joyful, peaceful life, where emotions flow freely; coming and going with ease.  This would allow you to be free of any emotional setbacks and give you the strength and confidence to move forward in every area of your life.

How can the Biko Method help me?

The Biko Method is designed to be operated at your own pace, whenever it feels appropriate. It is designed to identify Rogue Emotions and their associated Emotional Footprints. These Emotional Footprints range across an entire spectrum of emotional instability and pain. Below you will find a handful of issues in which the Biko Method has had proven results with our clients through one-on-one Biko Method Sessions and also individually through the Biko Method Essentials Course.

Over thinking
Self Abuse
Weight Loss/Gain
Dealing with Loss
Repeating Patterns
Utilizing Personal Abilities
Crippling Fobias
Attention Span
Alcohol/Drug Abuse
Social Anxiety
Performance Anxiety
Sexual Abuse
Work Related Pressures
Self Love
Violent Outbreaks
Trouble Sleeping
Trust Issues
Dealing with Rejection
Self Sabotage
Self worth
School/study issues
Behavioural Issues
Fear of Public Speaking
Death of a Loved One
Relationship Patterns
Judging self or others
Not feeling good enough
Reaching your potential

How does the Biko Method work?

How our minds operate

Emotional Footprints

The Biko Method communicates directly with the subconscious mind through specific statements to acknowledge and remove unwanted Emotional Footprints. As long as the intention to remove Emotional Footprints is there, the subconscious will automatically comply and assist in the self discovery process. The statements are short and simple and designed in such a way that the subconscious knows exactly what to do and how to help once these statements are said either out loud or internally. It’s really that simple.

heal your soul

The Discover Phase

The self discovery aspect of the Biko Method is called the Discovery Phase. This is where you address your unwanted Emotional Footprint programs and when ready, say the release statement in order to have all of those subconscious programs removed for good. The subconscious aids in the self discovery process as well as with releasing the Emotional Footprint programs.

The Process

Heal At Your Own Pace

This self-guided process can be done by anyone and virtually about any emotional and psychological issue that you can think of. Emotional Footprints are associated in one way or another to any experience that you are having or have had that has brought you emotional pain, struggle or unease.

Components of the Biko Method

  • Ocean breathes - Short breathing exercise to calm the mind and to prepare it for the Biko Method process.
  • Opening Statement - This statement creates a connection from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind that is necessary to explore the Discovery Phase.
  • Discovery Phase - This is where all of the digging takes place so to speak. The subconscious brings up feelings, emotions, stories, memories, images, smells, and even sounds. It will bring up whatever you need in order for it to draw your thoughts, attention and focus to where you might have an Emotional Footprint to prepare for the release statement.
  • Release Statement - This statement allows for the release of all of the Emotional Footprint programs that were addressed during the Discovery Phase. Once released, they are gone for good and will no longer affect you moving forward.
  • Ocean breathes - Repeat the short breathing exercise that was done at the beginning of the Biko Method process. This allows for the integration of all the changes that took place once the release statement was said and it also helps to settle the mind a little bit more before you move on to something else.

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Through my search I discovered the Emotional Footprint Program. An internal system that touches upon nearly every aspect of our lives and brings our attention to the raw, unprocessed emotions within ourselves driven by our false beliefs.

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