The Science of Cacao

What is this Resource about?

Cacao is an incredible energy-dense food source with many health and mental health benefits that can be leveraged in a variety of daily activities and scenarios. In this resource we will go over the microbiome benefits of dark, unprocessed cacao, and how you can incorporate it into your routine similar to vitamin additives for its own highly specific health benefits.

Bioactive Ingredients

Learn about how Cacao is a rich a source of many nutrients, vitamins, fibers that perpetuated healthy habits in humans in very early stages of mankind.

Body & Mind

Cacao positively impacts the body through a variety of benefits, as well as the mind through a variety of effects caused by it's components including a sense of 'bliss'.

A Healthy Craving

Chocolate accounts of 49% of all food cravings. Replacing sugar dense, store shelf chocolate bars, with healthy & creative alternatives such as dark chocolate is the future.

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