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The Emotional Footprint Program

Learn about the Emotional Footprint, Rogue Emotions and their impact on our daily lives. Download the Free booklet today as well as take a look at the Biko Method Essentials Course on how to alleviate the Emotional Footprint Program.‍

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The Journey Report

Learn how to break down repeated unwanted experiences in your life or emotional/mental barriers into their root causes. Then get permanent relief as you address the core of your issues using not only the Biko Method, but a whole array of other modalities. Document your emotional triggers on a daily basis and learn how to free yourself from them permanently!

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Free Examples To Help You Fill Out Your Journey Report

Once you purchase The Journey Report get access to free support. Here we offer more examples with of all the worksheets in the book to help you get the most out of your efforts.

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The Biko Method Essentials Course

A revolutionary method that has changed the way we look at emotional and psychological trauma, personal development and inner growth.

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Optimal Thinking Hypnosis Track

Experience the profound effects that come with having a positive, healthy and supportive mindset through the Optimal Thinking hypnosis track guided by Konstantine Bisbikos.

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Free - (Regular price $130)

Biko Method Group Healing Session

Fully immerse yourself in a fun high octane group healing session. This rare and transformational process releases more Emotional Footprints than a one-on-one private session for an individual. It's truly a remarkable experience!

P.S. Feeling safe and supportive while sharing is our top priority. Konstantine makes sure that the environment is always a judge free and supportive space. Also, remember you don't have to share if you don't want to and you'll still get benefits. So, no pressure ever!

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Biko Method Session

A one-on-one guided session with Konstantine Bisbikos utilizing the power of the Biko Method to alleviate your Emotional Footprints.

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What is the Biko Emotional Wellness Centre?

What is a Rogue Emotion?

Emotional Health and Well-Being

I've lived my entire life pursuing the truth behind our mental health and emotional well-being. I've explored both the scientific and spiritual approaches to finding peace within myself. I've traveled the world searching for answers to questions that I asked myself on a daily basis, why do I feel such pain, why to I react with such abnormality, why do I find myself falling into negative patterns?

Through my search I discovered the Emotional Footprint Program. An internal system that touches upon nearly every aspect of our lives and brings our attention to the raw, unprocessed emotions within ourselves driven by our false beliefs.

Konstantine Bisbikos

Founder of the Biko Emotional Wellness Centre and creator of the Biko Method. Konstantine is a mental health practitioner focused on delivering guidance for healing the body, mind, and soul.