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It's often not easy to take the first steps towards improving psychologic and emotional health, and we're so glad you've arrived on out website. We are a team of friendly and experienced mental health and emotional wellbeing researchers and practitioners working to provide support and peace-of-mind to as many people in our communities as possible.

We aim to foster both healing and self-development, and to provide our clients with the tools that will not only help them through their current struggles, but works to also protect them from experiencing difficulty in the future.

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Our Expertise

Take a look at our current areas of expertise and learn about our organization.

Emotional Footprint Program

An Emotional Footprint is a sophisticated subconscious program created to bring attention to harmful beliefs that control and dictate the course of one's experience. These subconscious programs are present in most situations and are running in the background at all times. They attract experiences that will inevitably trigger a person in various ways based on their beliefs.

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The Biko Method

The Biko Method is a process that’s been developed to help individuals suffering from mental and emotional instability, work through their own personalized process of releasing their Emotional Footprints and give them lasting relief. Thus, allowing them to fully heal as well as help them to understand and process their Rogue emotions, clearing the space that they lock up in the subconscious mind.

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The Biko Method Essentials Course

Learn how you can work directly with your subconscious to remove the Emotional Footprint programs that shape your life. The Biko Method Essentials Course is designed to not only teach you about your subconscious, but to also show you how easy it can be to change how you feel permanently through the use of the Biko Method.
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About The Biko Emotional Wellness Centre

We believe it's possible for people to enjoy their lives regardless of trauma and emotional imbalances. The opportunity to experience emotional stability and mental well being is now available to all individuals at any age and at any time. Through exploring the functions of the subconscious mind and how it stores unprocessed emotions, we found that in order to alleviate emotional pain and suffering it is best to work together with what's already there. The Emotional Footprint program.

Lasting Peace

Solutions, methodologies, tools derived from scientific research and tested through years of practical applications. Now available for everyone to use in their own homes.

Long-Term Support

Every product or service we produce is designed to bring support and long-term solutions to individuals when they need it most.

Research & Development

Everything in science is evolves, as we as a society continue to discover how we all operate at a deeper level, our products will continue to evolve to ensure we always bring the best support.


Private Biko Method Sessions

Experience the benefits of releasing Emotional Footprints first hand with a private confidential session with Konstantine Bisbikos. Sessions are done over the phone or on Zoom video for your convenience. Choose between multiple session lengths and types. Work with Konstantine and experience real practical results in a single session.
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Schedule a quick free phone call consultation and speak directly with a Biko Emotional Wellness Centre team member. Learn about the Biko Method, it's benefits and what programs we have available for our clients.
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Konstantine Bisbikos

Founder of the Biko Emotional Wellness Centre and creator of the Biko Method. Konstantine is a mental health practitioner focused on delivering guidance for healing the body, mind, and soul.

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