How do Emotional Footprints connect to a root experience? How do they compound?

It’s kind of like a family tree if you will; So, let’s say at 3 years old you have an initial core experience that threatens your early childhood core beliefs associated with unconditional love. This experience created 3 emotional footprints. Each of those Emotional Footprints then branches out and attracts experiences of their own that may be closely connected to the core experience, but also slightly different.‍ If you don’t authentically change your beliefs and adopt a new perspective from these secondary experiences, thereby satisfying the Emotional Footprint programs, you’ll most likely end up creating more emotional footprints that then stem from each of those secondary experiences and so forth. This will continue to happen until the Emotional footprint programs have been satisfied and deleted. This is why so many of us have a lot of Emotional Footprints and struggle with emotional wellbeing. When Emotional Footprints compound in this way, it adds an additional emotional charge/component to the emotional footprint program. Emotional Footprint is not the thought or belief, but the felt emotion that is triggered by them. The original stored emotion or Rogue emotion that is stored in the Emotional Footprint program has a stronger charge now as it has new compounding Rogue emotions associated with it that it never had before. This is also why it can feel almost impossible to not react to a situation. In many cases, people do not hold back and let that energy control their actions.

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