What’s the difference between an Emotional Footprint vs an emotion vs a feeling?

Emotions are more of a guide than an unwanted experience and feelings are a build up of energy that brings your attention to this guide. Feelings are typically associated with Rogue emotions. When you’re lost in the feelings alone, there’s no place to go for relief. This is why many people avoid how they are feeling and become reactive or worse turn to abusive behaviors such as drinking or other addictions. By separating the feelings that you are experiencing from your emotions, you develop awareness and direction. You go from an autopilot reaction to a conscious action and decision. There’s usually more to the story around an autopilot reaction that happens when you avoid facing your feelings. This story is what we want to bring your attention to. By separating your feelings from your emotions you allow yourself to see a larger picture. One that entails a back story of some sort. People typically react because of their past experiences or experiences that they’ve witnessed happen to someone else or been taught a belief by someone influential to them. There’s basically a story playing in the background. When the feelings around the emotion being felt are removed, you are able to address the emotions itself. This is powerful because it allows you to see what that particular emotion is directing you to. By being conscious of your emotions, you naturally begin to see why you might be feeling the way that you are and then move in that direction to ultimately give yourself emotional peace. Which brings us to the Emotional Footprint program. Emotions acting as guides directing us to something within us applies to the Rogue emotion. The unprocessed emotion that occurred in a past experience. The Emotional Footprint uses Rogue emotions as a signpost to bring your attention to a belief that is hurting you or a story that you may be telling yourself that is inaccurate. The difference between a Rogue emotion and regular emotion is that regular emotions are new, uncharged from past experiences, and free to leave once processed and fully experienced. It’s a rich experience that’s heartfelt and natural. While a Rogue emotions are unprocessed emotions. They could not be fully felt in the moment that they occurred and thus they became part of the Emotional Footprint program. They are used by this program to show you what beliefs you are holding onto so that you can change them. Once a Rogue emotion is created, it will continue to surface until you have satisfied the Emotional Footprint program that it is associated with.

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