Why can’t Emotional Footprints be released mentally or through identifying why the emotion got triggered.

Because the program is not satisfied. Seeing that it’s there and understanding why it is there won’t stop it from operating. You need to have patients and allow your awareness to show you the bigger picture and be willing to change your beliefs. That is easier said than done for most people. People cling to their beliefs very strongly because they are safe in this moment. It’s difficult to see that some beliefs are detrimental to their health in the long run. We tend to think in the present moment and how we are feeling right now. You might say that many of us are addicted to our beliefs. Not willing to let them go even though they are hurting us. Emotional Footprints need to be addressed and released in a very specific way with the right understanding. The program needs to be addressed directly through a higher understanding. That is the purpose of the Biko Method. To do exactly that and to save us time on trying to figure it out the long way.

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