Why is there a natural emotional reaction when there is a threat?

Emotions are triggered by events even before the conscious mind has time to process what is going on. If we are in danger, our body will go into a stress response, fight or flight. When Emotional Footprints are present they can cause chronic stress which keeps the mind in a fight or flight state for longer periods of time resulting in many health issues stemming from high cortisol levels. The subconscious looks to protect your highest interest, so it responds to your current beliefs. Even if something is not a threat, if you’ve come to believe it is, your subconscious will protect you anyway (stress response in EFT - fight or flight mechanism). It will activate in accordance with your beliefs. Eventually, you will realize the truth if you are overreacting through the Emotional Footprint program. That is the point of it. Unfortunately, most people still have a hard time realizing the truth and spend many years trying to figure out why they are in so much pain. They are not willing to question their beliefs.

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