Letting Go Of An Old Way Of Life

Evolving, growing and becoming a better person with more self-awareness doesn't come without a cost. We need to let go of who we were in order to become who we strive to be. Some people try to be both, their past selves and the future version of themselves, all in the present moment, but that approach will leave a person conflicted and unresolved. 

It makes them feel torn. They want to be seen the same way by their family, friends and colleagues, yet they’re changing and they’re beginning to see themselves in a new light that may contradict who they were before. So, they try to pull off being both people, and when that happens, they aren’t either one. Just a person with a mixture of conflict and unresolved desires that need to be expressed.

I’m not suggesting that they need to make drastic changes to their lifestyles. I’m merely suggesting that it might be a good idea to take the time to ask themselves a few simple questions. 

For example, “who is it that I want to be and why?” Be specific with the why. What do you get out of it? What does it satisfy?

Then inquire about the things that you liked about who you were. How might you be different now, where those aspects of yourself might not serve you and your new awareness of others and yourself?

It’s great to remember the good times, but also remember that you might not be the same person anymore. There are still good times ahead, but the only way to fully enjoy them is to embrace what brings you joy now and then surround yourself with people that share those joys as well.

Life and you are always changing, so remember to look at how you’ve changed, acknowledge it and enjoy who you are today, because you won’t be that person tomorrow. Just like you’re not who you were 10 years ago.

True friends and loved ones will be there with you no matter how much you change. As long as they see you happy with your choices, they will be happy too. You don't have to hate your past or who you were, just acknowledge that you have changed and that you wish to let go of the past, but from a place of knowing that it doesn’t serve you to hold onto someone you no longer are. 

It was great to be you during those times and now it is time to be great being this new you. There will always be people that will show up in your life that completely align with who you are now. In time those people will show up and you will experience the joy that comes with letting go of an outdated way of life. 

You will always be changing. There's nothing that you can do about that. Might as well enjoy the person that you are changing into by letting go of who you were. This conscious intention allows you to move forward more powerfully and with conviction. It’s also good to practice being curious about who you will be tomorrow as it will not be who you are today.

Just know that change is inevitable. By embracing it in this way you are enjoying every step of the way with forward momentum, and why not? You deserve to enjoy it all, all of the time!



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