Needing To Know - And How To Let That Go

People are under the impression, even if it’s on a subconscious level, that when they know something, they are safe. 

There is an illusion of control that happens through our understanding of a situation, that makes us feel safe. This happens because there are many examples where knowledge may have seemed to bring about safety. When we see and understand what is going on around us, it allows us to control the outcome of the experience to some degree. If there is danger, then we know how to step out of the way of it. 

This can be problematic in other areas of our lives. We become dependent on our conscious understanding of things and in turn become hyper vigilant, always looking to stay safe, even where danger is not a probability.

So, in a way, our perspective of ourselves and our ability to adapt to dangerous situations becomes a trap to our conscious minds. We generally believe that if we know and understand something, then it makes it less dangerous because now we can mitigate the risk. It's a level of control that we need to believe that we have. 

It comes from a deep rooted fear that we are typically unsafe. The truth is, even if you fully understand a situation, it doesn’t make it any safer or less dangerous. Many times, we want to do something that is potentially harmful and so we actually ignore the warning signs. Then we get hurt and blame it on our lack of understanding when in fact the real culprit was our inability to acknowledge that something is dangerous and can hurt us. 

Sometimes our eyes are bigger than our appetite and so we take on more than we can chew. When this happens, we get stuck. It’s not our lack of understanding of a situation that puts us into a pickle, it’s the fact that we are not present to that situation. Being present is all that is needed to be safe. Nothing else. If you get hurt anyways, then that is something that is completely out of your control. Don’t think that you did anything wrong. Sometimes life just doesn't make sense, and the more we believe that it needs to, the more we become over controlling.

This level of control affects the quality of our lives making it difficult for us to relax. If we are relaxed and enjoying life, then there is less of a need to control the outcome of things. If we are enjoying the things around us, then there is nothing that we need to know. When we feel joy, we feel safe. There's a level of joy and freedom that comes from saying "I don't need to know? By saying that, you are telling yourself that you are not dependent on knowing in order to enjoy your life. 

This alone allows you to let go of the need to know and puts you in a place where you are ready to enjoy the things around you. We don't realize this, but when we need to know something, we're stopping ourselves from the joy that is always there right in front of us. Think about it, every time that you needed to know something, were you feeling joy in those moments or confusion, anxiety, stress and being over analytical?

By focusing on being present, everything that you need to know in that moment will be shown to you. The action of seeing everything around you is what allows you to make the right decisions and not the fear of what might happen.

So focus on your present experience and not your fears, and allow life to be. You have enough experience in your subconscious mind to mitigate risk without needing to know more than you know.


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